20 francs Type 1942 Pêcheur


Pick: #100 , Other: F.13

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France. Bank of France.20 francs Type 1942 Pêcheur. Work of Lucien Jonas and engraving of Beltrand and Clément. Dimensions: 130 x 80 mm. Printer: Banque de France. Watermark: Portrait of Anne of Brittany. Front and back: polychrome printing with red dominant. Front: Portrait of the fisherman named Amédée who served as a model for the artist. Two fish and a rope surround the fisherman. In the background, there is the port of Concarneau. Values ​​in numbers and letters are printed in red-brown. The signatures, the alphabet, the date and the numbering are printed in black. Two variants of signatures with The General Cashier and The Secretary General. Back: a Britain mother and her children in traditional costume of Quimper and Pont L'Abbé. The mother holds her youngest daughter and the big one, a basket of local vegetables. On the right is the Calvary of Penmarch with the church in the background. Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed at the bottom of the back on the left on three lines. The specimen of the banknote is known only in rare copies: numbered "0.00 - 00000" and dated "O.00-0-0000.O." with "SPECIMEN" perforated obliquely to the left or sometimes to the right. Only one proof (Ref. Fayette-Dessal # F.13docs.00Ed) is known as "CANCELED" obliquely to the left, numbered "0.000 - 00000" and dated "O.00-00-0000.O". Very rare: sold € 800 at cgb.fr during the Live Auction, eBanknotes February 2015, lot: # 4010258.

Other Reference: Fayette-Dessal: # F.13

Signatures variants:
Sign. #1: The General Cashier: P. Rousseau / The Secretary General: R. Favre-Gilly
Sign. #2: The General Cashier P. Rousseau / The Secretary General: P. Gargam.

Banknotes :Bank of France (1939-1945)

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