20 francs Type 1943 Casablanca Morocco


Pick: #39 , The Banknote Book: B225 , Other: #MK530

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State Bank of Morocco. Local impressions. Work of G. P. Josso. Printer: Imprimeries Reunies of Casablanca? Dimensions: 162 x 90 mm. No watermark. Front and back printing in orange and blue duotone on cream paper. Banknote without issue date. Front: Graphic composition rather rough and not detailed. Values ​​in numbers and letters are printed in dark blue. The mention "State Bank of Morocco", the numbering and the alphabet are printed in black. In the center, mountain village and his ksar unidentified. The law article is printed below in dark blue. Back: Thick frame with graphic figures of interlacing and arabesques. Through it, there is an aerial view of Fez printed in red. All texts are printed in dark blue. One type of signatures: Guessous / Bapst / Desoubry. The specimen is known with a "SPECIMEN" overprint in red printed obliquely on the front and back. Another specimen identical to the first but with the overprint in black.

Banknotes :State Bank of Morocco - Local Impressions (1943)

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pick#39 20 francs type 1943 Casablanca
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