20 francs Type 1951 Papeete


Pick: #21 , The Banknote Book: B319 , Other: #KM511

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French Polynesia. Tahiti. Bank of Indochina. 1920-1963 Issues. Work by Pierre Munier and engraving by Georges Régnier for the front and Chapon for the back. Dimensions: 132 x 72 mm. The note is undated but was issued from 1951. Watermark: head of a man in profile. Full color front and back print, mainly red, green and blue. Texts in French. Description of the front: country scene with a shepherd and his flock of sheep in the center. On the right, a young man plays the flute. On the left in the foreground, the portrait of a young shepherd and next to it, the vertical "PAPEETE" overprint, is printed in red on a background of stylized leaves. In the upper border, the label "BANK OF INDOCHINA" is printed in red in the center under the banknote number in black. The numbering and the alphabet are printed in black in cartridges at the bottom of the composition. Three combinations of signatures and two variants: a) The President and the Chief Executive Officer, b) The President and the Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Description of the back: bottom composed of intertwined shapes. On the right, a young woman wearing a white scarf. On the left, a column on which are placed bunches of various fruits. Above, the value in letters and the "PAPEETE" overprint are printed in red. The watermark in the form of a coat of arms is at the center of the composition. The article of Law preventing counterfeiting is printed in dark green in a light green cartridge. The amount of the “20 Francs” note is printed in red at the top right. Several types of specimens are known (see the table of variants). 156 alphabets issued for a total of 3,900,000 issued notes. 483,000 issued notes in 1951, 1,342,000 issued notes in 1954 and 2,075,000 issued notes in 1963.

Banknotes :Bank of Indochina (1920-1963)

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