20 francs Type 1980 Debussy


Pick: #151 , Other: F.66

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1980-1997. Dull violet, brown and multicolor. Claude Debussy at right, seascene in background (La Mer). Back: Claude Debussy at left, lake scene in background. Watermark: Claude Debussy. 140x75mm.

Signatures variants:
a. Without security thread. Signature P. A. Strohl, J. J. Tronche and B. Dentaud. 1980-1986.
b. Signature P. A. Strohl, D. Ferman and B. Dentaud. 1987.
c. Signature D. Ferman, B. Dentaud and A. Charriau. 1988.
d. With security thread. Signature as c. 1990.
e. Signature D. Bruneel, B. Dentaud and A. Charriau. 1991.
f. Signature D. Bruneel, J. Bonnardin and A. Charriau. 1992; 1993.
g. Signature D. Bruneel, J. Bonnardin and C. Vigier. 1993.
h. Signature as g. New law on back. 1995.
i. Signature D. Bruneel, J. Bonnardin and Y. Barroux. 1997.

s. Specimen. Overprint and perforated: SPECIMEN.

Banknotes :Bank of France (1968-1991)

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