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Guernsey. States of Guernsey. 1990-2018 Issues. English administration. 2018 Commemoration Issues of the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Undated note. Dimensions: 149 x 80 mm. Watermark: Queen Elizabeth II and Cornerstones. Printer: Thomas de La Rue (TDLR), London. Widowed security thread with demetalized Guernsey. Material: paper. Full color front and back print, mainly red, blue, green, orange and yellow. Description of the front: in the center, a security background composed of a large multicolored rosette surrounding a crown of Poppy flowers with the seal of the Bailiwick. On the left, motifs of Guernsey lilies and the Saint James Concert Hall in St Peter Port. On the right, a portrait of Queen Elisabeth II in pink. Texts in English, guilloche patterns. The numbering is printed in black. A single signature with The Treasurer Bethan Haines. Description of the back: flowers of Freesia, a view of the castle of Valle and the Church of St Sampson. In the foreground, two pleasure boats are sailing in St Sampson Bay. Ferry boat. No specimen known for Type. 500,000 issued notes.

Banknotes :The States of Guernsey (1990-2018)

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