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About :#77 - 200 Dirhams Type 2012

Kingdom of Morocco. Al-Maghrib Bank. Issue of 2012. Dimensions: 150 x 70 mm. Watermark: Portrait of King Mohammed VI with the value "200" below. Multicolored recto and verso print predominantly blue on white paper. Banknote on the theme of the sea. Front: On the right, a portrait of King Mohammed VI in costume, the coat of arms of the Kingdom and the Royal Crown. In the background, an architectural detail inspired by Moroccan doors. The value in figures is printed in blue in the upper left corner and in the lower right corner. One type of signatures: Khalid Safir / Abdellatif Jouahri. Back: The numbering and the alphabet are printed in black and pink. The words "Bank Al-Maghrib" and the value are printed on the upper left of the vignette illustrated by a stylized view of the Tangier-Med port and the Cape Spartel lighthouse in Tangier. In the background, an ornament inspired by Moroccan rugs. No known specimen.

Banknotes :Bank Al-Maghrib (2009-2019)

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#77 - 200 Dirhams Type 2012