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Canada. Dominion of Canada. 1870-1872 issues. 25 Cents Type 1870 "Shinplaster". Engraved date: March 1, 1870. Printer: British American Bank Note Company. Ltd., Montreal & Ottawa (BABNC). Dimensions: 116 x 59 mm. Front and back: print in black and green. Front: A black and white frame composed of repetitive wavy shapes. On vertical sides, the value in letters: "TWENTY FIVE CENTS". In the upper corners, the value in numerals "25" is printed in two small black medallions and in green on each side of the central drawing. In the center, a portrait of Britannia with a spear on the shoulder, The statement: "The Dominion of Canada" is printed in black above the central drawing. Contrary to the notes with greater nominal value, 25 cents notes did not use sheet numbers, check letters or plate number. The first two million notes produced in 1870 contained a letter "A" (under the "1870" date on the left of the note). The "B" Series was produced in 1871 and issued as needed between 1871 and 1897. For this "B" series, there are two varieties: "with large B" and "with small B" (the vertical line of "B" being much narrower in the small variety.) A third series of notes was issued in the 1890s with the plates used in 1870, but the serial letters were removed before printing. Two handwritten signatures: left, William Di ckinson (For Minister of Finance) and on the right, T.D. Harington (For Receiver General). Back: a composition of rosettes printed in green monochrome. In the center in a large rosette, the words: "REDEEMABLE ON PRESENTATION AT MONTREAL, TORONTO OR ST. JOHN "indicates that these notes were universal and could be exchanged in Montreal, Toronto or Saint John. Because of their popularity, these 25-cent notes circulated for 65 years with new models issued in 1900 and 1923! the photo note in aUNC grade was sold for $ 1,495.00 by Heritage Auctions, Auction # 418, lot # 15885, from The Halton Lake Collection).

Banknotes :Dominion of Canada (1870-1872)

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