25 francs Type 1905

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Bank of Guadeloupe. No date (1920-1944). Work of Cornouaille on the front and Georges Duval on the back. Dimensions: 186 x 102 mm. Watermark with the value "25" repeated twice over the signatures. Front: print in red. The frame is composed of cornucopias and symbolic motifs. On the right, the strain in English typography. Seven variants of signatures with The Director, The Cashier and One of the Censors. Numbering, alphabet and signatures are printed in black. The law text is printed in white in two black medallions. Back: print in red. A luxuriant vegetation frames a rowing boat symbolizing the Republic and decorated with fruits and flowers. In the background, we guess the bay of Saint-Pierre. Specimen in red unsigned and numbered O.0 - 000 with perforations. Proof in black or red with watermark "25" repeated twice. Uniform tests in red without watermark and without signatures. Known banknotes: D.12-043, E.13, E.21, F.25, A.29-613, F.30, M.30, A.33-458, A.35-141, X.35-686, T.37, Y.38, Y.39-336, Y.40-886, A.46-775, E.46-742, K.46-873, R.48-934, S.48-505, U.51, X.51-599. The note was removed from circulation on March 22, 1959.

9 variants#8 - 25 francs Type 1905

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#8a1920RRRRfrom D.12 toE.13Billet émis de 1920 à 1921.
#8b1925RRRRfrom A.18 toE.21Billet émis de 1925 à 1927.
#8c1930RRRRfrom F.25 toF.30None
#8d1932RRRRfrom M.30 toA.33Billet émis de 1930 à 1932.
#8e1933RRRRfrom A.35None
#8f1934RRRfrom X.35 toT.37None
#8g1943RRRfrom Y.38 toU.51Billet émis de 1934 à 1943.
#8sRRRRDiagonal SPECIMEN perforated, no sign. Serial: "0.0 - 000".

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