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French Equatorial Africa (FEA). Free French Africa. Type BAO 1936 modified. Banknote issued in 1942 but undated. Work of Sébastien Laurent and engraving by Deloche. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co, London. Dimensions: 140 x 90 mm. Watermark with a woman's head in profile. Front and back: Multicolored print predominantly red, yellow and blue. On the front: orange wall of a mosque and window in the foreground, a front portrait of a young rider wearing a turban and his horse. At the bottom center in blue, the sending institute "FRENCH FREE AFRICA". The value "25" is printed in blue in the upper left corner. In the opposite corner, a French flag printed all in red. Numbering and signatures are printed in black. Only one type of signatures: For the Defense Council, Gal de Larminat and the Director of Finance, Pierre Denis. On the back: a majestic lion poses in front of an arid landscape. At the bottom, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in a white cartridge. Specimen of the issued note numbered "E891 200" with a "Specimen" surcharge in black and diagonally front and back and perforated "114". 65 copies only according to Maurice Kolsky. Other specimen on  issued note numbered "F081 961" with a surcharge "Specimen" in black and diagonal front and back and perforated "114". This specimen is part of 999 officially unissued notes according to Maurice Kolsky "F081 001 to F081 999". An unknown specimen of Kolsky, numbered "A000 000" and perforated "CANCELLED". Four other specimens numbered "A000 001 - F040 000", "F040 001 - F180 000", "F180 001 - H300 000" and "H300 001 - H1 000 000" with "SPECIMEN" perforated horizontally. A specimen of approval is known, numbered "A000 000" with annotation "subject to the modification of the cedilla". No issue for Cameroon. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B202.

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#7a15-04-1942CSérie : A à H. Émission pour Brazzavile. Non daté.
#7s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen numéroté « F081 961 » 999 exemplaires non émis.
#7s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen numéroté « A000 001 - F040 000 ».
#7s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen « A000 000 » et perforé « CANCELLED ».
#7s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen numéroté « F040 001 - F180 000 ».
#7s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen numéroté « F180 001 - H300 000 ».
#7s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen numéroté « H300 001 - H1 000 000 ».
#7s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen numéroté « E891 200 ». 65 exemplaires.

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