25 francs Type 1942 US printing


Pick: #22 , The Banknote Book: B323 , Other: #K116

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Bank of Guadeloupe. No date (1942). First issue in 1944. Dimensions: 120 x 73 mm. No watermark. American printer: E.A. Wright, Philadelphia. Front: printing in black and green. Black and white frame consisting of graphic lines with the value "25" in white and repeated in the four angles. Map of Guadeloupe on the left. Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in black on two lines at the bottom of the note. Two variants of signatures with The Director, The Cashier and A Censor. Back: monochrome printing in blue. Portrait of Guadeloupian woman in the center of a composition of guilloche lines with the value "25" in white repeated on each side. Known specimen unsigned and unnumbered. Specimen known unsigned numbered A.1 - 000 and overprinted SPECIMEN three times in red and oblique. Another specimen unnumbered and overprinted twice SPECIMEN in red and oblique. Specimen on P.13 - 677 alphabet note overprinted with two black seals in the corners and canceled by perforations. 

Banknotes :Bank of Guadeloupe - American impressions (1942)

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