25 gulden Type 1943 Wilhelmina I


Pick: #67 , Other: #79-1

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Netherlands. 1943-1949 Issues. Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Nederlands). Ministerie van Financiën. Muntbiljet. Printer: American Bank Note Company (ABNC). Dimensions: 152 x 72 mm. Date: 4.2.1943. No security thread. Material: paper. Red texts in Dutch. Description of the front: Olive green frame with patterns and rosettes. Portrait of Queen Wilhelmina at center (facing left). Value 25 in white in two rosettes and at the 4 corners. Signature: Van den Broek. The banknote number is printed in red. The signatures are printed in olive green. Back: Orange. Coats of Arms at center: "Je maintiendrai (I will maintain)". Value 25 at the 4 corners. The specimen is known overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red vertically and numbered "000000".


Banknotes :Muntbiljet - State Notes (1943-1949)

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