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About :#1 - 27 francs Type 1895

Bank of Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon Islands. Second Type. Date of creation: 11 April 1895. Unknown artist. Dimensions: 197 x 83 mm. Banknote without watermark. Dark green print on the back and dark blue on the front. Front: The value "27" in numbers is repeated in the corners of the banknote. The value "VINGT SEPT" in letters is repeated in ovals in the corners inside the frame and on the frame. A sitting woman holds in her right hand a caduceus. In a medallion on the left, the illustration of a codfisher and in a medallion on the right, the image of a cod. Above, in the center, the words "LA BANQUE DES ILES SAINT PIERRE & MIQUELON". Below, "ANONYMOUS COMPANY WITH CAPITAL OF 500,000 francs. ". The numbering is printed in black in a cartouche on each side of the sitting woman. At the bottom, the mention "Paiera au porteur le... la somme de VINGT SEPT FRANCS ou l'équivalent en monnaies acceptées par le trésor colonial ou par le commerce de la colonie". Two signatures: The Managing Director: Deville or Ozon and The Chairman of the Board of Directors: Daygrand. Back: Floral composition with the value "27" repeated on the sides and the value "VINGT SEPT" in letters repeated at the bottom and top in ovals. The mention "BANQUE DES ILES SAINT PIERRE & MIQUELON" on a line in the center. No known specimen. Banknotes found: 000004, 003307, 006369. Very rare note: 10,000 copies printed in Halifax, Canada.

Banknotes :The Bank of Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon Islands (1889-1943)

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#1 - 27 francs Type 1895