4 Dollars Type 1902 "Four on top"


Pick: #26A , Other: #DC-17b

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Canada. Dominion of Canada. 1900-1917 issues. 4 Dollars Type 1902. Date: January 2nd, 1902. Printer: American Bank Note Company, Ottawa (ABNC). Dimensions: 189 x 85 mm. Watermark: unknown. No security thread. Note printed by sheet of four copies with an identical sheet number. The banknote number is repeated twice and printed in red. The note has a control letter positioned on each side of the central drawing. The serial letter is printed twice on either side of "The Dominion of Canada". Front and back: print in black and green. Front: A novelty with above the portraits, the value in figure which is replaced by the value in letters: "FOUR". Around, a frame with the value "4 FOUR DOLLARS" repeated continuously and the value "4" printed in the corners. On the left, a Lady Minto portrait and on the right a portrait of Lord Minto, the Governor General. In the center, the new vignette with a view of the Canadian side of the Sault Ste. Marie lock and the "United Empire" ship. "The Dominion of Canada" is printed in black at the top of the drawing and underneath, "FOUR DOLLARS" is printed horizontally in white in a cartridge. Two signatures: on the left, the note is countersigned by an officer of the Finance Department and on the right the signature of T.C. Boville (For Minister of Finance). Back: in the center, the Ottawa Parliament and the library seen from Nepean Point. The value "FOUR 4 FOUR" is printed twice on the sides in rosettes. The photo note (Ref: # DC-17b) was sold in F-VF condition at $ 2,760.00 by Heritage Auctions, Auction # 418, Lot # 15961, from The Halton Lake Collection, 2006.

Banknotes :Dominion of Canada (1900-1917)

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