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About :#1 - 4 Rials Makhzani Type 1917

Morocco. State Bank. Rials Makhzani Silver. Banknote issued in 1917. Work of Georges Duval and engraving by L. Jouenne. Dimensions: 164 x 95 mm. Two watermarks: A lion's head on a crescent on the left and a Shereefian star on the right. Multicolored front and back printing on white paper. Front : The value in letters is translated into French and Spanish and the words "payables à vue au porteur". These are printed in black, such as the numbering, the alphabet and the date of issue. In the center, a view of the Hassan tower in Rabat. The law article is written at the bottom of the bill. Back: Frame decorated with arabic motifs on a background of repeating motifs. Three signatures: El Mokri (Omar) / Gaurand / Dervillé. All known specimens are dated 31-2-17. A specimen without the mention "SPECIMEN" and numbered 0.000. Another known specimen with the mention "SPECIMEN". A last specimen numbered 000 - 0.00 and perforated three times "SPECIMEN". Banknote very rare. Copies found: Z.3-391, K.6-816, M.7-180, V.7-788, M.8-188. 175000 issued notes.

Banknotes :State Bank of Morocco (1910-1919)

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#1 - 4 Rials Makhzani Type 1917