5 afghanis Type 1939 Unissued


Pick: #PNL , The Banknote Book: B301.5

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Afghanistan. Bank of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan Bank). 1939 Issues. Pick not listed. Printers archival specimen for 5 afghanis, SH1318 (1939). Dimensions: 149 x 73 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: Muhammad Zahir. No security thread. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Company. Front and back: purple on green and multicolour underprint. Description: texts in Arabic language. First portrait of King Muhammad Zahir to the right in an oval medallion. Numbering in red. Frame decorated with the value in Arabic and Western numerals. Coat of arms in the center. Back: texts in Arabic and English. Guilloche frame. Value in Arabic and Western numerals. View of Band-e Amir lake in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Unissued Note. Ink date in top margin '22.1.40', interestingly the shipment of the issued notes was lost in transit during the Second World War, this note is only obtainable as a specimen.

Banknotes :Da Afghanistan Bank (1939)

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