5 Dirhams Type 1969 Morocco


Pick: #53 , The Banknote Book: B401

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Bank of Morocco. Kingdom of Morocco. 1960 issue in Dirhams. Dimensions: 140 x 75 mm. Printer: Bank of France. Watermark: a lion's head from the front. Multicolored front and back printing on white paper. Front: On the right, profile portrait of the King of Morocco Mohammed V in white djellaba in the foreground and overlooking a general view of the city of Fez. The value in figures in Moroccan is printed in two yellow cartridges in the upper corners. The numbering and the alphabet are printed in black, as well as the date: 1968-1387. Back: The mention "Bank of Morocco" is printed in French in a light yellow cartouche. Harvest scene with agricultural machinery symbolizing the development of the country and a mature Moroccan holding a sheaf of wheat on the right. The article of law is printed in blue in a cartridge in lower left part. Known specimen with overprint "SPECIMEN N ° #" in black. "SPECIMEN" in vertical perforation, numbered: "O.00-00000000".

Seven variants of signatures:
Pick #53a. Signatures #1 : Mohamed Tahiri / M'hamed Zeghari. No date (1960).
Pick #53b. Signatures #2 : Ahmed Ben Nani / M'hamed Zeghari. No date (1963).
Pick #53c. Signatures #3 : Ahmed Ben Nani / Driss Slaovi. 1965.
Pick #53d. Signatures #4 : Mohamed Lemnial / Driss Slaovi. 1966.
Pick #53e. Signatures #6 : Abdelkrim Lazek / M'hamed Zeghari. 1968.
Pick #53f. Signatures #7 : Abdelkrim Lazek / Prince El Alaovi. 1969.

Banknotes :Bank of Morocco (1960-1985)

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