5 Dollars Type 1972


Pick: #87 , The Banknote Book: B350 , Other: #BC-48

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Canada. Bank of Canada. 1969-1979 Issue. 5 Dollars Type 1972. Date of issue: 04-12-1972. Banknote demonetized: January 1st, 2021. Printer: Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited (CBNC). Dimensions: 152 x 70 mm. No watermark. No security thread. Front and back: multicolored printing called "rainbow printing". Each note contains a seven-digit number, accompanied by a two-letter prefix or three letters (from the Lawson-Bouey signature). The replacement note has an asterisk for bills with a two-letter prefix (* AA0000000). For banknotes with a three-letter prefix, the replacement note has the letter "X" between the letters and the number (AAX0000000). Description of the front: texts in English and French. Above, in the blue guilloche frame, the text of the issuing institute and its translation "BANK OF CANADA - BANQUE DU CANADA". Below, the banknote number is printed twice in red and blue. On the left, the coat of arms of Canada. In the center, the values, "CINQ / 5 / FIVE DOLLARS", the word "CANADA" in large letters and the words "CE BILLET A COURS LEGAL - THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER". On the right, a portrait of Sir Henry Charles Wilfrid Laurier, statesman, 7th Prime Minister of Canada from 1896 to 1911 and the first French-speaking one to take up this position. Below, the signatures were engraved on steel plates before printing. Two variants of signatures with The Deputy Governor and The Governor. Description of the back: a multicolored guilloche frame with the values ​​"5" and "CINQ / FIVE" repeated in the corners. Below, in the guilloche frame, the white printed text of the issuing institute and its translation "BANQUE DU CANADA - BANK OF CANADA". In the middle, a scene of salmon fishing boats in Johnstone Strait on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The specimen is known with two horizontal and vertical "SPECIMEN" overprints in red at the signature locations and on the right side. Signed and numbered in red and blue "CA0000000". The same specimen is also meets perforated twice "SPECIMEN" diagonally.

Banknotes :Bank of Canada (1969-1979)

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