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Tunisia. French administration. Banknote of the Bank of Algeria overprinted "Tunisia" in horizontal. Issuing period: 1923 to 1925. Creation date: 21-11-1919. Work by Guillaume Cabasson and engraving by Charles Wullschleger. Dimensions: 129 x 90 mm. Watermark: "Banque de France with a lion in the center walking to the right and the value in figures on both sides". Front: blue monochrome print on white paper. The signatures, numbering, date of issue and the “Tunisia” overprint in horizontal in the center are printed in black. The note does not have a control number! The date of issue and the value in Arabic are printed in blue. In the frame above, two snakes entwined with a crescent moon in the center. On the left, the god Mercury seated and holding in his hand his caduceus. Right, a peasant sitting and holding a sickle in his hand. Two variants of signatures with the Secretary General and The Chief Cashier. Bottom center in an ornate medallion, article 139 of the Penal Code. The value "5" in figures is repeated four times in the corners of the frame. Back: monochrome print in blue. Frame decorated with arabic patterns with the value "5" in figures repeated four times in the corners. In the top center, a lion's head. In medallions from left to right, a head of Mercury and a head of Hercules seen in profile. In the middle, the value in letters in French and Algerian. Below, a crescent moon with the star of the Southern Cross. No confirmed specimen.

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#1a1919RBillet émis de 1919 à 1923.
#1b1923RBillet émis de 1923 à 1925.

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