5 francs Colonial Treasury Type 1885

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Colonial Treasury. Colony of Martinique. Decree of August 18, 1884. Second Type. Issued note on April 13, 1885. Dimensions: 110 x 77 mm. Banknote without watermark. Front and back: monochrome print in black on light beige paper. Front: vignette composed of a simple floral frame. The value "CINQ FRANCS" is printed at the center of the ticket. The signatures and the banknote number are handwritten in black or purple. Two variants of signatures with the Director of the Interior and the Treasurer-Payer. Signatures are often unidentified. At the bottom of the note, the mention "La contre-valeur en espèces est déposée au Trésor". Back: No back, single note. No known specimens. Banknote found: 6378, 46284. Very rare!

3 variants#4A - 5 francs Colonial Treasury Type 1885

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