5 francs Grand-Bassam Type 1904


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French West Africa. Bank of West Africa. Ivory Coast. 1902-1924 Issues. 5 francs Type 1904 "Grand-Bassam". Work by Henry Bellery-Desfontaines (DEL.) and engraving by Ernest Florian (SC.). Printer: Bank of France, Paris. Dimensions: 162 x 84 mm. Watermark: RF letters framing a caduceus surmounted by a bird. Front and back: multicolored print, mainly blue, red and yellow. On the front: graphic composition in security background. On the left, a lion seems to be lying on an octagon containing the watermark. The value "FIVE" is printed in blue in very large font in another octagon on the right opposite the first. Above, a set of locally produced objects. At the top center in red, the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'AFRIQUE OCCIDENTALE" printed in curve. The city of issue "Grand-Bassam" is printed in red and overprinted with stamp in black. The value in letters and the date of issue are printed in red in the center. The numbering and signatures are printed in black. Three variants of signatures with An Administrator and The Director. On the back: printing in green monochrome. The texts are in Arabic and printed in green. No specimen was found! An uniface proof of the front on large format paper without the blue color is known to be watermarked and unnumbered. This is dated "21-9-1903" and includes the signatures of E. Maurel / H. Nouvion. Another final color proof of the front on large format paper, dated “13-1-1904” is numbered “0.00-000” and includes the signatures of E. Maurel / H. Nouvion.

Banknotes :Bank of West Africa - Grand-Bassam (1902-1924)

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