5 francs Purple Type 1901

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First issue in 1932. Work of Guillaume-Alphonse Cabasson. Dimensions: 133 x 90 mm. Banknote without watermark. Front: purple or blue print on English-made paper. In an oval vignette, two medallion natives' heads: a woman on the right and a man on the left surrounded by tropical vegetation. At the bottom of the note, a cartouche with the text of the law framed by a barrel and a marine anchor on the left and a rudder on the right. The value "5" is located at the four corners of the cut on the outside of the oval composition. Five signature variants with The Director and The Cashier. Numbering, alphabet and signatures are printed in black. Back: In the center of an oval vignette printed in dark green, a caduceus surmounted by two wings and surrounded by two serpents intertwined dominates a medallion with a portrait of a woman in profile. Lush vegetation with parakeets and butterflies surround the whole. At the bottom of the note: "Organic and Statutory Legislation of 1901". Specimen on issued note with a blue seal in margin. Known purple note alphabets: N.217, V.276, Q.266, A.323, M.346, A.408, R.425. Known blue note alphabets: F.335, Q.356, T.357, N.373. Banknote withdrawn from circulation on February 10, 1959.

7 variants#6 - 5 francs Purple Type 1901

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#6a1932Rfrom N.217 toV.242None
#6b1934Rfrom Y.244 toH.356None
#6c1935Rfrom F.335 toQ.356None
#6d1945Rfrom R.359 toS.424None
#6e1946Rfrom M.346 toR.425None
#6s1932RSpecimen on issued note. Series: F & K.

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