5 francs Type 1872 provisional


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Bank of Senegal. 1853-1901 Issues. 5 francs Type 1872 provisional. Work by Claverie (INV.) And engraving by Bescherer (SC.). No date. Printer: not known. Dimensions: 129 x 94 mm. Watermark: No. Front and back: monochrome printing in blue. On the front: frame made of exotic plants and flowers. Above in the center in blue, the issuing institute "BANQUE DU SÉNÉGAL". Numbering and handwritten signatures in black. On the back: stylized leaves with the value repeated five times. No specimen known for the Type. 20,000 copies of this provisional note have been ordered, but only 12,000 copies have been delivered. Very rare. This bill will be replaced very quickly by the 5 francs Cabasson Type 1874.

Banknotes :Bank of Senegal (1853-1901)

pick#PNL1 5 francs type 1872 provisoire
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