5 francs Type 1914 Belgian Congo


Pick: #4 , The Banknote Book: B202

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Belgian Congo. Bank of Belgian Congo. 1912-1937 Issues. Dimensions: 102 x 80 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: no. Printer: Waterlow & Sons Ld, London Wall, London. No security thread. The note is dated in the upper margin. Two-color printing front and back, predominantly black and blue. Texts in French. Description of the front: frame of guilloche patterns with the value "5" repeated in the corners. In the center, the issuing institute "BANK OF THE BELGIAN CONGO" and below the value "FIVE FRANCS" and the words "PAYABLES AT SIGHT AT". Four possible emission locations: STANLEYVILLE, KINSHASA, MATADI and ELIZABETHVILLE. On the left, a young woman seated on a stone column holds a distaff and spindle. A child is next to her and both look at a beehive on the ground. On the right, a coat of arms with a Congolese star printed in blue as a security background. The banknote number is printed in black. The signatures are printed in black. At the bottom, the article of the penal code is printed on three lines at the edge of the frame. Two combinations of signatures with The Chief Secretary or The Chief Officer and The Chairman. Back description: blue monochrome printing. Guilloche frame with the value "5" on the sides. In the center in a medallion, an elephant and a hippopotamus in the jungle. Texts in Dutch above and below. The specimen is known unnumbered, overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red diagonally and perforated "CANCELLED" in diagonal. Another specimen is known with the front in green unnumbered, overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red and possibly including a red stamp from the English printer Waterlow & Sons, Ld.

Banknotes :Bank of the Belgian Congo (1912-1937)

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