5 francs Type 1923 Papeete without Decree


Pick: #4 , The Banknote Book: B304 , Other: #KM503/#KM504

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French Polynesia. Tahiti. Bank of Indo-China. 1920-1963 Issues. Works by Daniel Dupuis and Georges Duval. Engraving by Leveille. Dimensions: 141 x 106 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: No. Banknote no longer including decrees. Put into circulation from January 2, 1920. Monochrome printing in red front and back. Texts in French. Description of the front: ornamental frame made up of small dragons in bas-reliefs decorating two columns which support a large arch. On it, decorations of dragon snakes frame a pediment containing the wording of the issuing institute in capital letters "BANK OF INDO-CHINA". The banknote number and series are the only items printed in black. On the left, a young Asian man dressed in black and holding a bamboo stick in his right hand, sits at the foot of an allegory of colonial France represented by a European woman wearing a crown of laurels and seated on a throne. In his left hand, a caduceus with two snakes and a sheaf of wheat at his feet. On the right, the place and date of issue and the value in letters "FIVE FRANCS". Below, the words "PAYABLE IN LOCAL CURRENCY TO THE HOLDER". This changed in 1923 and became"PAYABLE IN LOCAL MONEY (PAYABLES EN MONNAIE LOCALE)" or "PAYABLE IN CASH TO THE HOLDER (PAYABLES EN ESPÈCES AU PORTEUR)". The signatures printed in red. The 1920 banknotes are signed by An Administrator, Baron Hely d'Oissel and by The Administrator-Director, Stanislas Simon. The 1923 banknotes are signed by An Administrator, Albert de Montplanet and by The Director, René Thion de la Chaume. Description of the back: ornamental frame composed of repetitive shapes and two floral rosettes per side. The number "5" is printed in a cartridge at the corners. The background includes the text "BANQUEDEL'INDO-CHINE" in rehearsal. Above, a large Chinese dragon. On the sides, article 139 of the penal code is printed on eleven lines. The specimen is known to be perforated "SPECIMEN" vertically and numbered "O.00 - 000". 100,000 banknotes issued in 1920 and 125,000 banknotes issued in 1923.

Banknotes :Bank of Indochina (1920-1963)

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