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Tunisia. French administration. Banknote from the Bank of Algeria overprinted "Tunisia" vertically. Issuing period: 1925 to 1942. Creation date: 08-07-1925. Work by Clément Serveau, engraving by Emile Deloche for the front and engraving by Rita Dreyfus for the back. Dimensions: 127 x 88 mm. Watermark: Moorish profile in an octagonal medallion.Front and back: polychrome print, predominantly blue and orange. Description of the front: the signatures, numbering, alphabet and date are printed in black. The value in figures, the value in letters and the date in Arabic are printed in orange. On the right, in a medallion decorated with arabesques, a front portrait of a young Muslim woman wearing a scarf and the "Tunisia" overprint printed in black and vertical. Three variants of signatures with the Secretary General and The Chief Cashier. Below the portrait, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in orange on a yellow background. Back description: frame decorated with arabesques. In the center, a veiled Algerian woman carries a basket of fruit and in the background, a view of the port of Algiers with the Admiralty buildings. A proof of the front is known, signed Moyse / Penalva, numbered in full but it is crossed out with black lines. Details on the numbering of this note: Alphabet and letter at the top left and bottom right. Numbering at the top right and bottom left.

5 variants#8 - 5 francs Type 1924

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#8a1925CBillet émis de 1925 à 1934.
#8b1934CBillet émis de 1934 à 1939.
#8c1939CBillet émis de 1939 à 1942.
#8sRRREssai du recto avec numérotation barrée.

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