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About :#77 - 5 francs Type 1924

Algeria. French administration. Bank of Algeria. Issuing period: 1925 to 1942. Creation date: 13-06-1925. Work by Clément Serveau, engraving by Emile Deloche for the front and engraving by Rita Dreyfus for the back. Dimensions: 127 x 88 mm. Watermark: Moorish profile in an octagonal medallion. Front and back: polychrome print, predominantly blue and orange. Banknote known to have many varieties of printing tints. Description of the front: the signatures, numbering, alphabet and date are printed in black. The value in figures, the value in letters and the date are printed in orange. On the right, in a medallion decorated with arabesques, a front portrait of a young Muslim woman. Three variants of signatures with the Secretary General and The Chief Cashier. Below the portrait, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in orange on a yellow background. Back description: frame decorated with arabesques. In the center, a veiled Algerian woman carries a basket of fruit and in the background, a view of the port of Algiers with the Admiralty buildings. Several types of specimen are known: a copy dated "A.3-6-1297.A", numbered "0.0000 - 000", signed Moyse / Penalva with a red "SPÉCIMEN" overprint on the watermark. Another specimen identical to the previous one, but with a second red "SPÉCIMEN" oblique overprint. Other specimen dated "A.3-6-1297.A" but not numbered. Other specimen dated “A.62-10-9126.A. ". A proof is known front and back with large margins, not numbered, undated and unsigned. Two single-sided proofs are known front and back on fiduciary paper with large margins without watermark, pasted on a cardboard page with windows, not numbered, not dated and unsigned but containing the handwritten signatures of Deloche and Serveau. Details on the numbering of this note: Alphabet and letter at the top left and bottom right. Numbering at the top right and bottom left. Fairly common note.

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria (1920-1939)

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#77 - 5 francs Type 1924