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French Equatorial Africa (FEA). Free French Africa. Type BAO 1934 modified. Banknote issued in 1942 but undated. Work of Sébastien Laurent and engraving by Deloche. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co, London. Dimensions: 120 x 80 mm. Watermark with a woman's head in profile. Front and back: Multicolored print predominantly green, yellow and red. On the front: a frame composed of repetitive red geometrical shapes. Floral composition background with in the foreground, a front portrait of a young native wearing a cap and necklaces. Top center in blue, the sending institute "FRENCH FREE AFRICA". The value "5" is printed in blue in the upper left corner. In the opposite corner, a French flag printed all blue too. Numbering and signatures are printed in black. Only one type of signatures: For the Defense Council, Gal de Larminat and the Director of Finance, Pierre Denis. On the back: African at work on his loom. At the bottom, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in a yellow cartridge. Specimen of the issued note numbered "A / 31 939 977" with a "Specimen" surcharge in red and diagonally in front and back and perforated "114". 61 copies only according to Maurice Kolsky. Two other specimens numbered "A / 1 000001 - A / 40 350000" and "A / 40 350001 - A / 50 350000" with "Specimen" perforated horizontally. Other specimen on issued note numbered "A / 45 706 627" with a surcharge "Specimen" in black and diagonally in front and back. Last known specimen numbered "A / 39,000,000" and canceled by a perforation in the watermark. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B201.

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PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#6a15-04-1942CSérie : A/1 à A/50. Émission pour Brazzaville. Non daté.
#6b30-06-1942RSérie : A/21 à A/23. Émission pour le cameroun. Non daté.
#6s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen annulé par perforation. Numéroté A/39 000 000.
#6s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen surchargé "SPECIMEN" noir. Numéroté A/45 706 627.
#6s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen perforé. Numéroté A/1 000001 à A/40 350000.
#6s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen perforé. Numéroté A/40 350001 - A/50 350000.
#6s15-04-1942RRRRSpécimen numéroté A/31 939 977. 61 exemplaires.

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