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About :#NL5 - 5 francs Type 1942 Voucher

Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon. Emergency issue from 1942-1943. Work of G. Landry. Dimensions: 50 x 50 mm. Without watermark. uniface voucher: Monochrome printing on beige cardboard. Front: The value in letters "CINQ FRANCS" is printed in red. The label, numbering and signature are printed in black. A single handwritten signature, that of Georges Landry & CIE P.D.G: Georges Landry (also owner of the Bank of Saint Pierre and Miquelon Islands). Article 139 of the Penal Code is not present on the voucher. No known specimen. 350 printed copies and only 30 vouchers did not come back. Very rare.Copies found: 333, 334.

Banknotes :The Bank of Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon Islands (1889-1943)

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#NL5 - 5 francs Type 1942 Voucher