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Algeria. Allied Occupation. Bank of Algeria. Creation date: 16-11-1942. Date of issue: 06-02-1943. Work by M. Cochard and Ch. Hervé. Dimensions: 98 x 60 mm. Without Watermark. Front and back: green monochrome printing. Description of the front: a frame with repeating floral patterns. In the center at the top, the wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE" and the value "CINQ FRANCS". In the center in a guilloche rosette, the value “5” in very large number. The signatures and the date of issue are printed in green. Only the alphabet and number are printed in black. The note does not have a control number! At the bottom of the bill, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in green inside a cartridge. Only one type of signature known with Bérino, the Inspector General and Sebald, The Chief Cashier. Description of the back: on the left, palm fronds and the value "5" printed in green in a diamond. Above, the wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE". On the right, the front portrait of a young woman wearing a crown of wheat ears. At the bottom of the note, article 139 of the Penal Code is written in Arabic in a rectangle. The specimen is known as overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red diagonally on the front and back. The banknote is signed Bérino / Sebald, dated "16-11-1942" and numbered "Y.979 - 347". A second identical specimen is known but numbered "0.000 - 000".

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#9116-11-1942CDate without letters. Séries : 4 to 1132.
#9116-11-1942RRSpecimen overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red obliquely.
#9116-11-1942RRSpecimen overprinted "SPECIMEN" and numbered "0.000 - 000".

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