5 francs Type 1943 Morocco US printing


Pick: #24 , The Banknote Book: B218 , Other: #MK532/#MK533

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State Bank of Morocco. First issue: American impressions. Printer: E.A. Wright Bank Note Co. of Philadelphia. Dimensions: 89 x 58 mm. No watermark. Front and back double-sided printing in yellow and blue on white paper with a yellow security background with the mention "State Bank of Morocco" repeated continuously. Front: The value in figures is printed in dark blue in a door-shaped medallion on the left. The value in letters, the mention "State Bank of Morocco", the numbering, the alphabet and the date of issue are printed in dark blue. The law article is printed in dark blue at the bottom. Back: David's cross in the center at the top on a thick frame with abstract and floral figures. All texts are printed in dark blue. Two types of signatures. The specimen is known with an oblique red surcharge "SPECIMEN", dated 1-8-43 and numbered "0000000".

Banknotes :State Bank of Morocco - American Impressions (1943)

pick#24 5 francs type 1943  (US)
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pick#32 5000 francs type 1943  (US)
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