5 pounds Type 2000 Guernsey


Pick: #60 , The Banknote Book: B165

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Guernsey. States of Guernsey. 1990-2018 Issues. English administration. Banknote dated 2000. Commemoration of the Millennium. Dimensions: 135 x 70 mm. Watermark: Queen Elizabeth II. Printer: Thomas de La Rue (TDLR), London. Solid security thread with printed Guernsey. Material: paper. Full color front and back print, predominantly pink, blue, green and brown. Description of the front: in the center, a security background composed of a multicolored rosette with the Bailiwick seal. On the left, motifs of Guernsey lilies and the Town Church of St Peter Port. On the right, a portrait of Queen Elisabeth II. Texts in English, guilloche patterns. The numbering and signature are printed in black. One signature with Treasurer Davis Peter Trestain. Back description: camellia flower, a view of Fort Grey in Rocquaine and the lighthouse The Hanois from 1862. No specimen known for the Type.

Banknotes :The States of Guernsey (1990-2018)

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