5 shillings Type 1941 Guernsey


Pick: #19 , The Banknote Book: B130

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Guernsey. States of Guernsey. German occupation. 1941 First Issues. Work by Edward William Vaudin. Date: March 25, 1941. Dimensions: 98 x 62 mm. Watermark: Partial States of / Guernsey. Printer: Guernsey Press Co. Ltd. No security thread. Material: paper. Front and back printing in duotone mainly in black and red. Texts in English. The value is printed in red. A single combination of signatures with Treasurer Henry Edward Marquand. Back description: Bailiwick seal of Guernsey in the center. No specimen known for Type. 72,000 issued notes between 1941 and 1943. 1,200 copies not returned.

Banknotes :The States of Guernsey (1941)

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