50 centimes 1884 Type 1

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Reunion Island. Colonial Treasury. Decree of May 2, 1879. Saint-Denis, June 4, 1884. First Type. Dimensions: 114 x 78 mm. Uniface banknote without watermark. Monochrome print in black on light cream paper. Printer: Unknown. Front: Vignette composed of a simple frame with a geometric pattern in repetition. In the upper left corner, a red stamp "TRESOR PUBLIC - REUNION - Bons de caisse - Décret du 2 mai 1879". The value in letters "CINQUANTE CENTIMES" is printed at the center of the note. No numbering. Two variants of signatures: The Delegate of the Director of the Interior: Campenon and the Treasurer Paying: Drouet or Veyrières. At the bottom of the note, the words "La contre-valeur en espèces est déposée au Trésor". No known specimens. Banknote very rare.

2 variants#5 - 50 centimes 1884 Type 1

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#5a1884RRRRSignatures #1 : Campenon / Drouet.
#5b1884RRRRSignatures #2 : Campenon / Veyrières.
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