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About :#8 - 50 centimes 1886 Type 3

Reunion Island. Colonial Treasury. Decree of May 2, 1879. Saint-Denis, June 21, 1886. Third Type. Work of E. Mouchon (invt & sculpt). Dimensions: 124 x 80 mm. Banknote without watermark. Front and back: monochrome print in black on gray or light yellow paper. Printer: unknown. Front: Vignette composed of a simple frame with right and left, two columns supporting a jar and vegetation around. At the bottom of each side, two cherubs each support a cornucopia. In the center, Ceres, the goddess of Agriculture holding the hand of Mercury, the god of Commerce with the value "50c" between the two characters. The value in letters "CINQUANTE CENTIMES" is printed at the center of the note. No numbering. Four variants of known signatures. Back: In a cartouche in the center, the value "CINQUANTE cent. "And the mention "La contre-valeur en espèces est déposée au Trésor". On each side in medallion, the profile portraits of Ceres and Mercury. We find in the center the two cornucopia and a marine anchor under the cartridge. Copies known without the date "June 21, 1886" and printed on yellow paper. No known specimens. Banknote very rare.

Banknotes :Colonial Treasury of Reunion (1880-1890)

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#8 - 50 centimes 1886 Type 3