50 centimes Treasury army Type 1919


Pick: #M4 , Other: VF.02

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This fifty-cent blue ink note from the Army Treasury has been in circulation. The front of the note represents the victorious return of the furry man who did his duty, musette under his arm and greeted by his dog, reaching out towards his family. The wife in a peasant outfit, also arms outstretched, is surrounded by two children whose older daughter holds out a laurel wreath to the victorious hero. It is signed by the Payeur Général aux Armées and also bears the words: “L.VALLEE DEL. ". This Army currency was issued in 1917 for a validity of 2 years and a second issue in 1919 with a validity this time of 4 years (on back). It is produced by the Imprimerie Nationale (mention IMP. NAT. Bottom right) and reflects the patriotic needs of the French propaganda of the moment, which must maintain confidence in victory.

560 copies in inventory (January 12, 2021) 

VF.02.01Letter R6%33
VF.02.02Letter S8%46
VF.02.03Letter T8%46
VF.02.04Letter U10%54
VF.02.05Letter V7%38
VF.02.06Letter W9%48
VF.02.07Letter X8%46
VF.02.08Letter Y13%72
VF.02.09Letter Z14%79
VF.02.10Letter A117%97
VF.02.11Letter B10%1
VF.02.12Letter C10%0

Banknotes :Army Treasury (1917-1919)

pick#M1 50 centimes Trésorerie aux armées type 1917
pick#M4 50 centimes Trésorerie aux armées type 1919
pick#M2 1 franc Trésorerie aux armées type 1917
pick#M5 1 franc Trésorerie aux armées type 1919
pick#M3 2 francs Trésorerie aux armées type 1917
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