50 centimes Type 1919 Morocco


Pick: #5 , The Banknote Book: B104 , Other: #MK552

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Morocco. State Emergency Issues. Protectorate of France in Morocco. Banknote issued in 1919. Variable dimensions: 75 x 40 mm to 80 x 42 mm. Carboard without watermark. Monochrome print in black on orange Carboard. No back. Front: The mention "Protectorate of France in Morocco", the six-digit number "000,000", the date of issue and the value in letters are printed in black. An octagonal floral composition with the words "MOROCCO" and the value "50c" in the center is affixed to the top right of the box. No signatures. No specimen.

Banknotes :Protectorate of France in Morocco (1919)

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