50 Deutsche Mark Type 1970


Pick: #33 , The Banknote Book: B204 , Other: BRD-16/BRD-21/BRD-27

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Federal Republic of Germany. Deutsche Bundesbank. 1970-1980 Issues. 50 Deutsche Mark Type 1970. Brown on olive-green on multicolor underprint. Dimensions: 170 x 75 mm. Watermark: Hans Urmiller. Front: German text. Prefix letter and 7-digit banknote number are printed in red. Portrait of Hans Urmiller by the artist Barthel Beham. Three variants of signatures. Back: Bundesbank logo. Holsten-Tor gate in Lübeck. Background with value in green rosette, guilloche and weavy lines patterns. Solid security thread. Printer: Bundesdruckerei. Material: Paper. Replacement notes: Prefix begins by Y.

Banknotes :Deutsche Bundesbank (1970-1980)

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