50 Dirhams Type 1965

About :#55 - 50 Dirhams Type 1965

Bank of Morocco. Kingdom of Morocco. 1965 issue in Dirhams. Dimensions: 158 x 84 mm. Printer: Banque de France. Watermark: A lion's head from the front. Multicolored front and back printing on white paper.Front: On the right, portrait of King Hassan II in costume in the foreground and view of a coastal city in the background.The value in figures in Moroccan is printed in black in the upper corners.The numbering, the two signatures and the The alphabet is printed in black, as is the date: 1966-1386. Back: The mention "Bank of Morocco" is printed in French at the top of the vignette. Minors at work The value in letters is printed in blue on the sticker at the bottom The article of law is printed in blue in a cartouche on the right No known specimens.
Four signatures variants:
Pick # 55a. Signatures # 3: Ahmed Ben Nani / Driss Slaovi. 1965.
Pick # 55b. Signatures # 5: Abdelaziz El Alami / Driss Slaovi. 1966.
Pick # 55c. Signatures # 6: Abdelkrim Lazrek / M'hamed Zeghari. 1968.
Pick # 55d. Signatures # 7: Abdelkrim Lazrek / Prince El Alaovi. 1969.

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