50 Dollars Type 1866


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Canada. Province of Canada. Program from October 1,1866, Ottawa. 50 Dollars Type 1866. Engraving: American Bank Note Company. Ltd, New York. Printer: British American Bank Note Company. Ltd., Montreal & Ottawa. Dimensions: 182 x 76 mm. No watermark. No security thread. Front and back: print in black and green. Front: representation of the god Mercury holding a map of British North America. In the background, a harbour, ships and a train. The note contains an alphabet letter "A, B, C, D, E ...". The banknote number is repeated twice and printed in blue (for Montreal) or red (for Toronto and St. John). The words: "PAYABLE AT MONTREAL" or "PAYABLE AT TORONTO" are printed in ripples on each side of the central drawing. The value "$ 50" is repeated twice and printed in green rosettes. The note contains the handwritten signature of Deputy Receiver General T.D. Harington on the right and the signature of a local agent for the City of Montreal, Toronto or St. John on the left (Countersigned for Provincial Agents). Back: green monochrome print. The value "50" is printed in the center in a medallion with above and below, "Province of Canada". Uniface proof known from the back printed on cardboard. Specimen of the front of cardboard known for Toronto in letter "B", perforated "SPECIMEN" horizontally but unnumbered. Only one banknote known for Montreal: B 3398. Banknotes for Toronto and St. John: we did not find any copies.


Banknotes :Province of Canada (1866)

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