50 Dollars Type 2004


Pick: #104 , The Banknote Book: B369 , Other: #BC-65

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Canada. Bank of Canada. 2001-2006 Issue. 50 Dollars Type 2004. Work by Jorge Peral, Artistic Director at the Bank of Canada. Date of introduction: 17-11-2004. Dimensions: 152 x 70 mm. Update security issue: Vertical metallic strip on the left side. Watermark: Portrait of William Lyon MacKenzie King. Raised ink in the big number, security thread and puzzle number. Two printers: "F" prefix for Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited (CBNC) and "A" prefix for British American Bank Note Company, Limited (BABNC). Front and back: Multicolored print predominantly red, brown, yellow and orange. Texts in English and French. Description of the front: graphic composition entirely realized by computer. All the legal texts of the issuing institute "BANQUE DU CANADA - BANK OF CANADA" and "CE BILLET A COURS LEGAL - THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER" have been grouped on the left side in vertical with the logo of the Arms of Canada printed in smaller at the bottom. There is also the value "50" printed in red on the upper left. The portrait, even more imposing than in the previous series, is now placed on the left half of the vignette with the face turned to the right. This is William Lyon MacKenzie King, several times Prime Minister of Canada between 1921 and 1948. In the center, the word "CANADA" and the value in two languages ​​printed in dark red, then a view of the Peace Tower, and on the right, the name of the building in English and French written continuously and smaller and smaller inside a white rectangle. Below right, the value "50" is printed in red in large size on a light gradient background with the two signatures printed in red below. Three variants of signatures are known with The Deputy Governor and The Governor. In the elaborate graphics of the background, we can see the presence of iridescent maple leaves and a Canadian flag. Description of the back: The composition addresses the theme "Building the Nation". On the left, the 1929 newspaper "Women Are People", a quote from the "1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and a balance of justice. On the right is a reproduction of the statue of the so-called "The Famous Five" women's group on Ottawa's Parliament Hill and Calgary's Olympic Plaza, Alberta. Below, a reproduction of the Thérèse Casgrain Volunteer Award Medal. Number puzzle in red visible on the left. At the bottom, the serial number is printed twice in black with the barcode for the blind. The specimen is known with two vertical "SPECIMEN" surcharges in red and numbered twice in black "FMG0000000" on the back.

Banknotes :Bank of Canada (2001-2006)

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