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About :#3 - 50 francs Bleu Type 1873

Tunisia. French administration. Bank note from Bank of Algeria overprinted "Tunisia" in vertical on the left. Issuing period: 1904 to 1910. Creation date: 14-05-1904. Work by H. Cabasson and engraving by V. Bertrand. Dimensions: 157 x 109 mm. Watermark: BANQUE / 50 FRANCS / de L'ALGERIE / 50 and twice the word "Tunisia" below. Front: blue monochrome print on white paper. The signatures, numbering, date of issue and the "Tunisia" surcharge on the left in vertical are printed in black. The date of issue and the value in Arabic are printed in blue. Composition with an oval frame decorated in the upper part, of two entwined snakes which frame article 139 of the Penal Code printed in a cartouche. On the sides, two cherubs each support a medallion containing the numerical value. Two variants of signatures with the Secretary General and The Chief Cashier. Below, another medallion contains a woman's head. Back: monochrome print in blue. Oval frame decorated with arabic patterns and snakes at the top. Below, two horns of plenty frame a sea anchor. In the center, the value “50” in figures in a medallion surrounded by arabesques. On the sides, two medallions contain article 139 of the Penal Code. In the decoration of the frame, four other medallions with the profile portraits of Athena, Hercules, Mercury and Ceres. The specimen is known overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red and vertically on the front. The note is watermarked, signed Gantès / Rouzaud and numbered "0.0 - 0000000".

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria (1900-1920)

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#3 - 50 francs Bleu Type 1873