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About :#23 - 50 francs Khamassi Type 1949

Tunisia. French administration. Bank of Algeria and Tunisia. Creation date: 03-02-1949. Work of Khamassi. Dimensions: 137 x 70 mm. Without watermark. Printer: unknown. Front and back: polychrome print, mainly pink and purple. Description of the front: a frame and background composed of ornaments and arabesques. The wording of the issuing institute "BANK OF ALGERIA & TUNISIA", the value "FIFTY FRANCS", the numbering, the signatures and the date of issue are printed in black. On the left, the value "50" in white in a blue octagonal medallion. In the frame at the bottom, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed on two lines. Only one type of signature is known with Couquet, The General Cashier and Delahaye, The General Secretary. The note has a special feature: the word "TUNIS" in the lower right margin disappears on the banknotes from the series 77 to 81 (exact series to be confirmed). Description of the back: we find the elements of the front, the values ​​in numbers and in letters and "BANK OF ALGERIA & TUNISIA" translated into Arabic. A large rosette decorates the center of the design. The specimen is known to be perforated "SPÉCIMEN" in vertical on the right, signed Couquet / Delahaye, dated "0-0-0000" and numbered "O.00 - 000". An identical specimen is known with two "CANCELLED" overprints with black stamps on the front and back.

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria and Tunisia (1946-1958)

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#23 - 50 francs Khamassi Type 1949