50 francs Type 1914 Antwerp

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Belgium. National Bank of Belgium. 1905-1926 issue. banknote issued on 01-08-1914. Removed from circulation on 06-01-1950. 50 francs Type 1914 (Ref. TBB: # B537 or Pick: # 77). Designed by Constant Montald and engraved by Édouard Biet. Dimensions: 160 x 98 mm. Printer: National Bank of Belgium. No security thread. Watermark: National Bank of Belgium and head of Minerva. Front and back: polychromy print with predominantly olive-green, blue, orange and black. Description of the front: All texts are in French. On the left side, an allegory of Agriculture represented by a seated man placing his hand on a large scythe. In the background, cows and a decor of trees and plants. On the right side, in front of a forest setting, a winged Belgian lion and two women symbolizing the Law, hold a large open book placed on the steps of a staircase. The wording of the issuing institute, the value, the date and the signatures are printed in black. The banknote number is printed in red. The text of the Law is printed in green at the bottom of the composition in a clear frame. The note has two signatures with The Treasurer, Antoine Babau and The Governor, Théophile de Lanstsheere. Back description: all texts are printed in Dutch in the center of the composition. On the left, a Belgian lion stands next to a seated woman. This symbolizes "Intelligence and Work" and holds in his hands a scepter and a book. On the right, three other young women symbolize "Art, Science and Commerce". We find the text of the law printed in Dutch at the bottom of the composition in an orange frame. No specimen known for Type. Known series: 303 to 305. Rare banknote!

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#771-08-14RRRRfrom 303 to305Red number. Antwerp Issue. Very rare.
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