50 francs Type 1920-1928

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State Bank of Morocco. Banknote issued in 1920. First type. Work of G. Fraipont. Dimensions: 170 x 98 mm. Watermark: Lion's head in profile in a crescent. Multicolored printing on white paper. Front: Frame composed of repetitive shapes with beige patterned security background. The mention "State Bank of Morocco" is printed in green blue on a line in the box at the top. The creation date, the numbering and the alphabet are printed in black. In the center, the value in letters with the mention "PAYABLES A VUE AU PORTEUR" in blue green. The value in figures is written in a green octagon below the watermark on the left. The law article is printed at the bottom of the bill. Back: Frame decorated with floral motifs on a continuous patterned beige safety background. Four signature variants. Known Perforated specimen "SPECIMEN", signed and numbered 0.0 - 000. Another specimen "SPECIMEN" overprinted, handwritten in red, dated 00-00-00 and numbered 0.0 - 000. Rare banknote.

4 variants#13 - 50 francs Type 1920-1928

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#13a1920RRRSignatures #1 : El Mokri (Omar) / Gaurand / Dervillé.
#13b1924RRSignatures #2 : El Mokri (Omar) / Rengnet / Dervillé.
#13c1926RRSignatures #3 : El Mokri (Omar) / Rengnet / Cambon.
#13d1928RRRSignatures #4 : El Mokri (Omar) / Desoubry / Cambon.
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