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About :#44 - 50 francs Type 1949

State Bank of Morocco. Banknote issued on 2-12-1949 "Small format". Work of A. Maillart and engraving of C. Beltrand for the front and A. Maillart and engraving of R. Armanelli for the back. Dimensions: 120 x 78 mm. Watermark: Lion's head in profile. Multicolored printing on white paper. Front: Composition of arabesques of walls and columns decorated with an arch in the center framing the watermark. The mention "State Bank of Morocco" is printed in brown on a line in the box at the top. The numbering and the alphabet are repeated twice and printed in black as the date of issue. At the bottom, the value in letters and the article of law are printed in brown. The twice-repeated value in numbers is printed in brown in a square at the bottom of the note. Back: Composition of arabesques decorating two portals, walls and windows. One type of signatures: Guessous / Spitzer / Oudot. Known specimen dated 00-00-00, signed and numbered 0.00 - 00000 and perforated "SPECIMEN" in horizontal. Another specimen on issued note from the alphabet "K.17", overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red and oblique and in a frame in the center.

Banknotes :State Bank of Morocco (1948-1958)

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#44 - 50 francs Type 1949