50 francs Type 1984 not issued

About :#62 - 50 francs Type 1984 not issued

Switzerland. Swiss National Bank (Schweizerische Nationalbank). Seventh issue (1983-1985). Banknote created in 1984 but not issued and kept in reserve. Work of Roger and Elisabeth Pfund. Printer: Art Institute Orell Füssli AG, Zurich. Dimensions: 159 x 74 mm. Unknown watermark. Unknown security thread. Front and back: Multicolored print predominantly green. Front: multicolored floral background. Above, the branch of a dwarf cherry tree and bush foliage. On the right, a portrait of the Swiss naturalist and bibliographer "Konrad Gessner (1516-1565)". The SNB's translation texts are printed in dark green on the front and in three languages: German, Romansh and Italian. The numerical value "50" is printed in dark blue and very large in the vignette and repeated four times in small in green and blue. On the outside of the sticker, the three dark green dots in relief are intended to facilitate the recognition of the note by the blind. The signatures are printed in blue. Two variants of signatures with the President of the Bank Council and the Director. On the back: multicolored graphic background with a representation of the metamorphosis of animals. In the foreground, a golden eagle inspire of a woodcut. The Latin text on the bottom refers to the seven-headed hydra from Gessner's most famous work, "Historia Animalium". The value "50" is repeated four times in small in red and blue. In the thumbnail at the top, bottom and sides, the SNB texts are printed in green in two languages: French and Italian. No specimens or proof notes known to date. Copy known: 84D55913001. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B345.

Signatures variants:
Signatures #55 : Edmund Wyss / Markus Lusser.
Signatures #53 : Edmund Wyss / Pierre Languetin.

2 variants#62 - 50 francs Type 1984 not issued

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#62a1984RRRRBillet non émis. Sign. #55 : Edmund Wyss / Markus Lusser.
#62b1985RRRRBillet non émis. Sign. #53 : Edmund Wyss / Pierre Languetin.
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