50 francs Vert Type 1912

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Tunisia. French administration. Bank note from Algeria overprinted "Tunisia" in vertical on the right. Issue period: 1918 to 1938. Work by Georges Duval and engraving by Romagnol. Dimensions: 170 x 110 mm. Watermark: profile of a Moorish woman in a large medallion on the left. In a small medallion on the right: Arabic inscription in a crescent. Front and back: polychrome print predominantly green, orange and blue. Description of the front: in the foreground on the right, the smallest watermark in an octagonal medallion placed on an agave and a doum palm. Behind, the great mosque of Algiers and its minaret dominate a distant view of the white city and its bay in the center. The wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE", the value "FIFTY FRANCS" and the date of issue in Arabic are printed in green in the center at the top. The signatures, numbering, date of issue and the “Tunisia” surcharge in vertical on the right are printed in black. On the left, the largest watermark in a medallion decorated with arabesques is placed on a prickly pear. Three variants of signatures with the Secretary General and The Chief Cashier. Back description: large blue and orange frame decorated with arabesques. On the left, a child, naked and from the back, picks oranges while looking at an elegant young Algerian woman spinning spindle wool. In the upper right edge, the value "50" is printed in orange. In the center at the bottom, a large basket overflows with harvested fruit. In the bottom right, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in orange in a yellow cartridge. The specimen is known on an issued note transformed into a specimen, signed Penalva / Moyse, dated "29-1-19243". The numbering has been changed with "7972-H.576" at the top and "H.576-2972" at the bottom. Control number: 143829724. Banknote sold in aUNC grade at € 579.31 by cgb.fr (lot # b20_0220). An unknown specimen of the Muszynski-Kolsky was sold in AU grade at 720 € by cgb.fr, Live Auction Banknotes 2017 (lot # 4100408). The note is overprinted "SPÉCIMEN" in red and vertically on the left on the front, watermarked, signed Penalva / Moyse, dated "41-0-8121" but not numbered.

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PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#9a1918RBillet émis de 1918 à 1924.
#9b1924RBillet émis de 1924 à 1933.
#9c1934RBillet émis de 1934 à 1938.
#9sRRRSpécimen sur billet émis avec date et numéros changés.
#9sRRRRSpécimen daté « 41-0-8121 » mais non numéroté.

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