50 lire Type 1941-1943


Pick: #57/#58

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Italy. Banca d'Italia. 1930-1943 Issues. Banknote identical to Pick # 54. Work of Giovanni Pietrucci. Dimensions: 129 x 72 mm. Watermark: head of Julius Caesar and 50 lire. Printer: Officina della Banca d'Italia in Rome (from 1941 to 1942) and Officina della Banca d'Italia in L'Aquila (from 1942 to 1943). No security thread. Material: paper. Polychrome double-sided printing with yellow, green and red predominance. Description of the front: yellow security background composed of motifs and the number "50" in repetition. Frame composed of repeating graphic patterns with four scallops and the value "50" in the corners. On the right side, a red seal with Italia's profile head. On the left, a wreath of fruits and vegetables frames the watermark. Texts in Italian. The numbering and signatures are printed in black. Two signatures with Governor Vincenzo Azzolini and Cashier Urbini. Description on the back: yellow security background composed of patterns and the number "50" in repetition. In the center, the statue of the Capitolina wolf with Romulus and Remus sucking her milk. On the left, a red "FASCIO" seal. No specimen known for the Type.

Banknotes :Bank of Italy (1930-1943)

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