500 Dollars Type 1911


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Canada. Dominion of Canada. 1900-1917 issues. 500 Dollars Type 1911. Date: January 3, 1911. Printer: American Bank Note Company, Ottawa (ABNC). Dimensions: unknown. Watermark: unknown. No security thread. This banknotes have been cut and numbered separately and do not have a letter of control. Only one series was produced with the letter "A". The banknote number is repeated twice and printed in red at the top. The serial letter is printed twice on each side of the portrait. Front and back: black and yellow printing. Front: A frame with the value "500" repeated continuously. The value "500" is printed in the corners inside rosettes. In the center, a portrait of the young Queen Mary. "The Dominion of Canada" is printed in black at the top of the portrait and below, "FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS" is printed horizontally on two lines in a cartridge. No known signatures. Back: background composed of rosettes printed in yellow monochrome. The value "500" is printed twice on the sides in rosettes. In the center, a large rosette with the value "500" and the mention "Dominion of Canada" printed below. The photo note (Ref: # DC-19a) was sold in PMG Condition VF 20 at $ 322,000.00 by Heritage Auctions, 2008 September Long Beach, Auction # 3502 (lot # 12893). Note very rare: three known copies including this number "012735". The banknote is not in the Official Collection of the Bank of Canada!

Banknotes :Dominion of Canada (1900-1917)

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