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About :#93 - 500 francs Green Type 1943

Algeria. Allied Occupation. Bank of Algeria. Creation date: 29-03-1943. Issuing date: 09-13-1943. Work by Georges Duval and engraving by Romagnol. Dimensions: 196 x 119 mm. Watermark: text with "Bank of Algeria" continuously horizontally. Front and back: polychrome print predominantly gray-green. Description of the front: in the foreground on the left, two young naked boys. The first sits on the ground and holds in his hand a traditional bendir, a percussion instrument. The other boy, standing, picks berries from a bush. On the right, a camel driver armed with his moukhala, a traditional Maghreb rifle, rests with his mount squatting beside him. The wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE", the value "CINQ CENTS FRANCS" and the signatures are printed in dark blue. The numbering and date of issue are printed in black. Bottom center, in decorated medallions, the value "500" and article 139 of the Penal Code printed in dark blue. Only one type of signature is known with Routaboul, The Assistant Director General, Sebald, The Caissier Principal and Bérino, The Inspector General. Description of the back: an allegory of France represented by a young woman seated under an olive tree. Beside her on the left is a sword, an open book she seems to be pointing to, and scrolls of parchment in the grass. She puts her other hand on the shoulder of a young naked child who hands him an orange. Near the child on the right, two large jars and a bunch of fruit on the ground. At the bottom, in a pediment, the value “500” is printed twice in dark blue with an inscription in Arabic beginning with these words: "bismi Allahi ar-raHmani ar-raHiimi (in the name of Allah the most merciful of the merciful ...)". The specimen is known as overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red diagonally on the front and back. The note is watermarked, signed Bérino / Routaboul / Sebald, dated "0-0-0000" and numbered "0.0 - 000". A second specimen identical to the previous one is known, but not numbered and dated "61-3-9143". 391,439 Type banknotes were overprinted with "TRÉSOR" and used during the landing of French forces in Corsica in 1943.

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria (1942-1945)

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#93 - 500 francs Green Type 1943